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Charter School

Charter schools are tuition-free public schools created through an agreement or “charter” typically between the school and the local district school board. This agreement gives the charter school a measure of expanded freedom relative to traditional public schools in return for a commitment to higher standards of accountability. Since 1996, Florida charter schools have played a key role in increasing parental options in public education and providing innovative learning Opportunities for students.

What does this mean for schools?

Charter schools are allowed greater autonomy and flexibility in exchange for greater accountability.  This means that charter schools are able to respond to the needs of individual students while staying focused on the mission and unique program they offer.  The school is locally operated by a governing board to fulfill a specific niche in the educational community.  At True North Classical Academy, we are passionate about providing a classical education to our students, and every decision we make is about ensuring we stay true to our mission and vision.

What does this mean for parents? 

Parents are able to make decisions about the type of educational programs that are best for their individual children.  Not all children learn in the same way, and a variety of educational approaches and programs provide more chances for students to excel.  In addition, given the very nature of school choice, charter schools must stay responsible to the needs of the families, allowing parents to feel more involved and influential in their school.  Parents of True North Classical Academy will benefit from a world-class education at a public school, which  previously was only available in expensive, exclusive private schools.

What does this mean for districts? 

Charter schools allow school districts to offer parents more choice and unique educational programs to the families in the district.  The charter contract allows the district to ensure the school is meeting criteria such as ensuring students are safe and learning.  The district is able to hold the schools accountable to their success through the contract.