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General Information

What are charter schools

Charter schools are tuition-free public schools created through an agreement or “charter” typically between the school and the local district school board. This agreement gives the charter school a measure of expanded freedom relative to traditional public schools in return for a commitment to higher standards of accountability. Since 1996, Florida charter schools have played a key role in increasing parental options in public education and providing innovative learning Opportunities for students.

How is True North Different?

True North is built upon the ideals of a classical education. Our approach focuses on Content + Classical Methodology + a Culture of Excellence. To learn more, visit our Academics pages.

Who can attend True North?

Any student who resides within Dade County may submit an application. According to Florida Statutes, all students who apply will have an equal chance of being selected. Visit our enrollment page to learn more.

What are the tuition costs

There are none. True North Classical Academy is public charter school. This means that the school is funded in nearly the same way as other public schools. There is no cost to apply or attend the school.


How are the school facilities?

We are excited that we are now located on a 5 acre campus that has spacious classroom facilities as well as ample playgrounds and sports fields.  We are located on the former private school site of Sunset Christian Academy.  In the first year we will be serving children in grades K- 5 and expand to K-7 the following year.   We are fortunate to have secured such an excellent former private school site for True North.

What are the school hours?

We plan to start the day at 8:30 a.m. and end at 3:15 p.m. Aftercare will be available until 5:30 p.m. Parents must make arrangements for their child(ren) to be picked up by that time.

What type of security will the school have?

Our campus is designed for the safety and security of all students and staff. Gates at all building entrances will allow us to monitor guests, and visitors will need to sign in and sign out in the school office before entering the school.

Will there be a before and after care program?

Our before and after school program is called Et Cetera from the Latin expression “and the rest”. We want time spent at school both before and after the academic day to be enjoyable and well spent. The fees to be charged are currently under consideration by the Board.

The first segment of aftercare will include a healthy snack, time spent out-of doors (weather permitting), and organized activities or after-school clubs. The latter half will provide a winding-down time during which students will work on homework, read, review math facts and other memorization, or get extra academic help. Music lessons and/or formal tutoring arrangements can also be arranged during this time for a fee.

Early morning care will begin at 7:15 a.m. Students will spend this time preparing for the school day in a quiet and focused environment. Afterschool care will be available to 5:30.

Is there a hot lunch program?

We will provide a lunch program through an outside vendor each full day. Our emphasis will be on filling and healthy lunches that children will enjoy. Free and reduced lunch will be available for qualifying students. We are currently at work on offering a way to pay for school lunches through our Parent Portal. Students may always bring a lunch to school.

Will there be a school uniform?

There will be a required school uniform for all grades. The uniform will be affordable and easy to purchase through a national uniform supplier. Further information about the uniform will be forthcoming on our website.

Are parent volunteers encouraged? May parents visit the campus during the school day?

Parents are encouraged to volunteer their time at True North. There are many ways you can help. Please complete a volunteer survey so that we are aware of areas in which you would like to help. Parents may visit their child’s classroom according to the guidelines set out in the family handbook.


How can I learn more about the enrollment process?

Please visit our enrollment page to learn more about the application process and deadlines. When you’re ready to submit an application you can do so by going to to Register.TrueNorthCharter.org

Are there admission criteria?

No. Admissions are available to all students who reside within Dade County. All students who apply will be given an equal chance of being accepted.

How will I be notified if my child was accepted?

On the enrollment page we have listed the dates of each lottery. Parents will be notified by email within one day of the lottery, and letters will be sent in the US Mail confirming your acceptance. Any students not accepted will be automatically added to the waiting list.

If we are accepted, what’s next?

Parents who have been accepted will be asked to return a postcard confirming that they will accept their position to the school within two weeks. In June you will receive a complete enrollment packet with forms and information you will need regarding the upcoming school year. The information will also be posted on the website once it is available.

Are siblings guaranteed admission?

Siblings of students who have already been accepted are granted priority in the lottery process, per Florida Statutes. If there is a spot available in the sibling’s grade level, they will be accepted. If not, they will be moved to the top of the waiting list.


Will there be PE?


What languages will be taught?


What is a classical curriculum?

A classical curriculum can be defined in the following way:

  • Introduces students to transcendent realities reflecting Truth, Beauty and Goodness
  • Is structured and integrated (not only in the transmission of knowledge but also in the integration and synthesis of information)
  • Focuses on the acquisition of knowledge through reading by focusing whenever possible on original texts and classics
  • Presents various academic disciplines in a sequence corresponding to a pupil’s developing ability to think abstractly, and in an age and developmentally appropriate manner
  • Studies not simply individual academic disciplines, but also specifically essential truths that transcend the disciplines- especially those truths emphasizing human dignity and worth
  • Develops a sense of Wonder and a love for learning
  • Assists the students to become self-motivated and self-correcting learners
  • Trains the mind in the tools of learning using the Trivium:
    • Grammar Stage – focuses on presenting information, the broad acquisition of facts and laying the foundation of knowledge.
    • Logic Stage – focuses on organizing information gathered in the Grammar Stage, making connections and learning to evaluate evidence.
    • Rhetoric Stage – focuses on synthesizing and learning to express increasingly complex insights with eloquence and precision.

Is Science taught or only a literary/history focus?

Yes. Science will play an important part in the education of your child. Students will be exposed to 100% hands-on science using various FOSS/Delta science modules. Hands-on science will help foster a sense of wonder in students and will teach them that science is as much a process of discovery as it is a discipline for organizing and obtaining facts about the world.

Is the curriculum advanced or challenging?

The curriculum is age and developmentally appropriate. It will challenge students in so much as they are able to be challenged. It does not matter if your child is “gifted” or not. Classical education operates under the assumption that there is a body of knowledge that all students should be exposed to and are capable of learning (albeit to various levels). A good analogy can be likened to the filling of various vessels with milk. Despite the varying sizes, all vessels can be filled to their maximum capacity. Our curriculum will seek to this (i.e. fill students with as much knowledge and understanding as they can are capable of handling).


Is Transportation provided?

Florida law requires that charter schools work with the districts to ensure that transportation is not a barrier to students attending the school. We will assist all families with finding options for transportation, such as carpooling. We are currently working on developing transportation plans and contracting with bussing companies to provide transportation to students who live within a reasonable distance from the school. More information will be posted to the website once it is available.

What type of parental involvement is required?

Families of True North Classical Academy students will be required to complete 10 hours of volunteer service to the school each year. Parents will be asked to sign a parent contract as part of their enrollment packets.

Additional questions will be added to this page as they posed to the school.
If you have a question that was not answered here, please email info@TrueNorthCharter.org